Expensive Cats

Expensive Cats

A lot of people have an idea that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of dog breeds and varieties out there. what a lot of people do not realize is that the same is true for cats. As with dogs, there are some rare varieties of cats and if you want one of these felines to be your pet, you might have to fork out a hefty sum of money. A few of the things that distinguish these varieties of cats, with most of them being physical attributes, include their fur (its color and look), their ears, their eye and their paws. These are there a few of the things that someone liking to buy or adopt a cat ought to be on the lookout for.

Some Of The Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Starting with a relatively inexpensive option considering where we are, the royal blue comes in at about $500 – $3000. The cat has a blue-grey coat usually complemented by yellow or green eyes. The Persian is one of the most recognizable cat breed there is, with its blue eyes and outstanding fur. It goes for about $1800 to $3000 dollars. The Bengal is on this list of some very expensive cats because it goes for a whopping $5000. Its characteristic fur tells you immediately that this is a ferocious breed, as it is a hybrid of a domestic cat and the Asian leopard cat. Going for around $20,000, the Savanna is arguably one of the most expensive cats you can get. This cat breed is a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat and is far more ferocious than most cats you could domesticate.

Taking Care Of These Expensive Cats

Due to the fact that some of the expensive cats are hybrids, their care is much more elaborate and delicate than of most cat. Their fur has to be washed with special shampoos and their diet has to be checked rigorously to ensure they remain both healthy and energetic. Their living conditions are almost always some of the best because if one can afford a cat worth $2,000, you can be sure that they are giving the cat the best living conditions possible. In addition, if you are looking for special cat accessories then try Barnebys. They have a wide collection of accessories for cats, even those that are not too expensive. They also have collectors items for cat owners so that these cat owners can give their friends, pets, and companions the best accessories possible. If you are a cat owner, Barnebeys is the place to be.

4 Signs that your cat loves you

Some say that dogs are mans best friend, we believe that they’re wrong. Sure, a dog shows their love and affection in a great way that’s easy to notice. We love all kinds of animals but we’re a little extra fond of our furry little friends, also known as the cats. There’s a reason that cats were painted on the walls in the ancient Egypt. Since cats hopefully know very well that we love them, we’d like to present to you the 4 sings that your cat loves you.

Numer one:
The very known expression “Oh, look what the cat dragged in…” and that it’s supposed to be something very negative. But it’s actually quite the contrary. When a cat brings in something that they most likely killed and takes it inside to show you, they are actually giving it to you as a gift. Some scientist say that the cat brings in dead animals because cats thinks that “Humans can’t possibly catch something as fast as this” .

Number two:
If your cat rolls on their back and exposes their belly to you it’s a sign that they really trust you. When a cat feels like they can trust a human it’s a feeling they get when they really feel loved and safe around the human. Cats are normally really quick on their feet and well aware of their surroundings. In the wild cats would never flash their belly since they’re quite fragile in that specific area. So the next time your cat rolls over and presents you their belly, show them appreciation.

Number three:
If your cat bops their head on to you it’s not like a head butt from a human. When a cat either bops or rubs their body against you it’s because they feel very protective of you. Cats do this because they want their scent to attach to you so that other animals won’t approach to you, “This human belongs to me” is what the scent is supposed to say.

Number four:
One of the more painful ways that your cat shows their affection to you is when they’re kneading on you. For those who might now know what kneading means it’s when they seem to put their claws deep inside of you. This behaviour comes from the time that they were small kittens and were being nursed by their mothers. Even though it might hurt a little bit, please be aware of that the cat doesn’t want to harm you, it’s a sign of affection.

These ways for the cat to show affection is not really how we humans do it. We might bring flowers, make something romantic like flying away on a nice vacation. If you’re planning on going on a vacation, avionero.com will not only find you the cheapest flight to your destination, but also the best suited flight.

The World of Cats


There are many different types of cats found throughout the world but one of the most popular of course is the domestic cats. What many don’t realize is that a lot of thought has to be put into bringing a cat into the home. There is absolutely no doubt that they make a wonderful family pet but they also come with a lot of responsibility. Before making the decision to add this new addition to your family there are specific categories that you are going to want to pay attention to.

Cat Health

Chances are you are going to want to buy a new born cat which is a kitten. You want to be sure that you are going to purchase one from a reputable source which will help to ensure that the kitten is in a healthy state and has no serious illnesses. It has been indicated that cat breeding may have gotten out of control as cats are often allowed to wander and end up mating. Often this means that the litter is given away free and this can often mean that the kittens may not be in the best of health. Once you have determined that the cat you are purchasing is in good health then you now have the responsibility of keeping this little creature that way.

Training the Cat

One of the advantages of having a cat as a pet is that they are relatively easy to train. As long as they know where their litter box is going to be and that it is kept clean at all times their natural instincts will lead them to this area. Ideally cats should not be allowed to roam freely outside so this makes it even more important to make sure that that the cat is trained as soon as it is brought home. Usually all it takes is showing the kitten or the cat where the kitty litter is going to be and from that point on they will instinctively begin to use it.

The Cat’s Behavior

Not all cats are the same and you will probably discover that when you go to buy your cat that there are different breeds that are available to you. Each breed has its own distinct characteristics and this is something you may want to check out before actually making your purchase.

Feeding and Caring for your Cat

it is also important that you learn how to properly feed and care for your cat because this is what is going to dictate how healthy and happy they are. There are plenty of good cat foods on the market to choose from. It is important to do some comparisons of the different types so you know that you are buying good quality.

Choosing from the Cat Categories


Choosing the cat that you are going to bring into your home means that you are going to be exposed to many different types of breeds. It may be that you are getting the cat free from a friend or neighbor and in this case you may not really be aware of what the breed is as it is most likely a mixed breed. However, if you are real cat lover and you want to buy a cat that has a pedigree then you should be aware of some of the different types of least that you will be able to choose from

what is also important to note is that each of the breeds have their own characteristics not only in looks but in the way that they act.

American Short Tail

The American short tail cat is a fairly common breed and is one that is commonly chosen for families that have children as well as other pets that the new addition to the family is going to have to get along with. They do require a certain amount of attention and they are noted for being relatively playful. When it comes to size they are considered to be in the medium range, and as far as being handled they do like to be cuddled but also like their independence. They are the type of cat that prefers to just simply curl up in your lap when they are ready for some attention.


For those that like a cat that has some distinct characteristics about it and are classed as being a cat that is an attention getter then the Bombay breed is one that you will want to take a look at. This is a cat that be can be classed as a family cat rather than devoting itself to one single owner. They like to bond throughout the family with the different family members. They do demand a lot of attention and do like to play but they are not as mischievous as some of the other breeds.

This just gives you two examples of how the characteristics in the different breeds of cats can differ so greatly. If you are going for a specific breed it is wise to really check out what they are all about to make sure that they are going to fit into the setting up your home.

Introducing Cats to a Dogs World


Many times dog owners feel that they want to get a companion for their dog and will seriously think about bringing a cat or kitten into the home to do this. While often this works out well there are some steps that must be taken to make sure that they are going to get along with each other.

In order to be successful at this you are already aware of your dogs characteristics but you need to have some understanding of the different breeds of cats and what their characteristics are. Some cats are more sociable and will get along with the family dog much easier than others. Also the age of the cat is going to be important. It may be much easier to introduce a kitten into the home with the dog as opposed to to a growing cat that has never been around a dog before.

When making the introductions it has to be done slowly as cats are considered to be very territorial. It takes some time for them to warm up to both humans as well as other pets and in order to prevent a unfortunate situation the introductions have to be done a little at a time. They certainly should not be left alone together until one is completely assured that these two pets have made friends with each other.

Make sure for the first few days that you give each of these pets their own space so that they can get away from each other when they choose to do so. The cat has the advantage of being able to climb furniture much easier then the dog does, however the cat that is trying to escape from the dog can excite the canine and a chase can occur.

Cat or Kitten?


Once you have decided to bring a feline into your home your next decision is going to be whether it should be a cat or kitten. While the tendency is usually to go for a kitten because these little balls of fur are so hard to to resist, there are many advantages to buying a full grown cat.

Something that has to be remembered when buying a kitten is that there is a a lot of extra work the comes with them and they can be quite mischievous through their growing stages. Where as with a cat that has already matured even though they are still sociable and love to play they don’t tend to get into quite as much trouble as what the kittens to.

Kittens need a lot more supervision and for the family that has a busy lifestyle and is gone throughout the day it can be difficult to meet the needs that they have. A full grown kitten cat will quite often fit into the home quickly with a minimal amount of supervision needed. Either way you will enjoy your choice as felines make great pets.

Basic Cat Care?


Most cat owners especially those that have been dog owners as well will tell you that owning a cat requires a lot less care compared to the canines. However there is still a certain amount of responsibility that comes with cat ownership even though these little feline friends are known to be relatively independent.

One of the most important aspect when it comes to basic cat care is ensuring that the health of the cat is maintained at all times through the different stages of their life. This requires them to see the veterinarian as needed for regular checkups and to ensure that they are d-wormed properly and receive all of the necessary vaccinations.

At-home care is of course proper feeding and making sure that they have water at all times and in addition to this most cats require some form of grooming. This will depend on whether they are long-haired or short haired but they need to be brushed and inspected to ensure that they do not have fleas or tics. Cats tend to end up with matted hair easily and this is why grooming is so important. They also require socialization which means playing with the cat.

One Cat or Two?


If you it is decided on buying a cat there is no doubt that you have made a great decision in regards to having a pet. What you may also be considering is whether you should get one cat or two. Many individuals that have become cat owners feel that having a second cat provides companionship for the other.

While this may be true it is important that the cats are compatible with each other. Often what can happen is that a owner of an adult cat decides to bring a kitten into the home, and even though they are of both feline families that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be compatible with each other.

Adult cats can become territorial very quickly and don’t take kindly to other cats or kittens infringing on their territory. If you decide that you are getting a cat and most likely a kitten, then if you are thinking of a second one you may want to get it at the same time so that they can grow up and get to know each other. Make sure that you introduce each other slowly and with caution.