Cat Cafes And Augmentation

Cat Cafes And Augmentation

If restaurant owners want to make their business more distinctive, they could transform it into a cat café. These establishments give customers an allocated time slot which usually lasts an hour. During that time they get to interact with cats that live in the café. They may also sit down and order food and drink.

Cat cafes have become very popular in recent years. They are useful for anyone who wants to alleviate their stress levels. These business also

help homeless felines by housing them in a safe environment. Sometimes the café will advertise the adoption of the cats so that they can find a more permanent home.

The Role Of Employees

Even though the presence of felines makes these eateries fairly unique the overall duties of the waiting staff remain the same. They have to take customer orders, bring out the food and ask for payment. This means that anyone working within a cat café needs to be confident enough to chat with strangers. This does not come naturally to everyone. Some people have great difficulty interacting with others. Luckily augmentation can be an easy answer to this issue.

There are numerous companies that offer cosmetic surgery. The cat café employee could choose Motiva breast augmentation procedures if they want the best ones on the market. Safety is a number one priority with this firm. Clients will be able to enjoy the benefits of breast augmentation without risking their long term health. Mobility will be a particular concern to those who work within the service industry. Modern breast implants will not hinder their movements. They will be able to comfortably carry out their work duties.

Fitting Into Clothes

The cat café might ask its staff to wear a uniform. The garment could be uncomfortable if the person does not have the right body shape. This is another situation where cosmetic procedures will be appealing. It is possible to change the client’s figure so that they can fit into a greater variety of clothing items. Such benefits will not only be important for their work shifts. They will also transform their personal life for the better.

Companies such as Motiva offer breast augmentation at fair prices. Cat café employees may save some of their earning until they have enough for these types of procedures. Being able to tweak one’s body is very appealing to a wide range of people.

Cat themed soft furnishings

All lovers of cats have a little tribute to them somewhere within their homes. It cannot be helped. They are often drawn to a little cushion with a cute picture of a kitten on it, and how many of us have been bought cat themed gifts as presents? A mug, an ornament, very soon your home can be filled with quite a lot of cat items.

Why this happens?

You rescue a cat because you know you can give it a loving home, and this is when it begins. People within your friends and family social circle see your affection for this little furry four legged friend and they realise they now have great ideas for gifts, not just for christmas and birthday presents, but also trinkets from holidays or simply ‘I saw this and thought of you’ presents. You now have fridge magnets with cute cats on, flower pots in the shape of a feline and you are drinking your tea from a mug with an image of a cat that looks like your little baby!

Go with the flow

We also do it to ourselves. We see a fluffy rug, and while it may not have images of cats on it, we know it is soft and cosy and our little ones will love to lounge in front of the fire on it. So we buy it. Our homes become mini shrines to our pets, even down to the wallpaper. When you are choosing your next wallpaper is a great place to start. You can even get wallpaper now with little kitty images on. This can be great for a childs room, or even as a feature on a chimney breast wall in the living room. If it feels right, and you know it will make you happy then go with it.

Wall art

Cat wall art is everywhere. From discount stores to art galleries, you can get fantastic cat themed wall art to suit all budgets. If you have ever holidayed in places like Spain or Greece, you will know you can get postcards with cats on. You can buy some while you are there, bring them home and frame them. You can make a feature of them by putting them all on one wall, or dot individual ones around the home. You can even put them on the wall where you have the kitty themed wallpaper.


The great thing about choosing your wallpaper from is that they are so affordable. Every person who has ever owned a cat knows that try as you might, you cannot stop them from having a little scratch at the wall. If they take a liking to a certain area of the home you might find small shredded pieces of wallpaper on the floor and little scratch marks on the wall. replacing or patching the area is simple when the paper is so affordable.

Home comforts for your cat

We all know that cats are very independent creatures, but for anyone who has owned one, they also know that they love a touch of comfort and luxury in their day to day lives. As soon as you get a new throw for your couch or put fresh bedding on the bed, they are there, laying on the clean and comfortable soft furnishings. Try as we might, this will never change.

Cat Beds

We can buy as many cat beds as we like, we can have one in every room of the house, a special place for your fur-baby to sleep, but they will sleep wherever they want, whenever they want. for example you get a brand new black rug from Trend Carpet, you lay it out in front of the fire, and suddenly the cat bed is abandoned for this new and better place to sleep. The lovely new rug is now suddenly the cat’s most favourite place to sleep.

Cat Toys

Just like when you have young children, cats toys can end up all over the place, your new rug will suddenly be not only a place to sleep for your cat but also a new play space. It doesn’t matter what size the rug is, even the smallest rug will attract attention from our feline friends, the rug itself will become the latest new toy.

Training your cat

Many people think that training a cat is impossible, it isn’t. A cat can understand your commands, and often responds accordingly, but only when it suits them. For example, when they want to use your new rug as a scratching mat, you can tell them off, shoo them away or even spray them with a little water to make them run, but they keep doing it or come back and carry on when they think you are not looking. They will even look you defiantly in the eye while doing it!

The good thing about the affordable rugs from Trend Carpet is that if they get dirty they are really easy to clean, and if they get damaged beyond repair due to cat claws, then replacing them will not break the bank. They come in a range of sizes, styles and colours so you will find the perfect one to match your home decor.

Cats Love Plants

If you have ever seen a cat’s reaction to aromatic plants, then you will know that they actually love the smell and texture of catmint. This genus belongs to the family of Nepeta and if you have ever grown any, rest assured that cats will soon come sniffing around. If you own your own feline, then try purchasing a pot of catmint since their reaction to this plant is often amusing but beneficial. Cats will also enjoy the scent of lavender and various herbs just as much as the smelly socks and shoes that they are often attracted to. If you want help in growing cat-friendly plants, then the Getplanta app is the ideal choice.

Why Consider Planta?

Whether you are an absolute novice or a seasoned horticulturalist, this app features a wealth of handy features to make feline plant cultivation so much easier. Another favorite for cats is cat grass, but you need to ensure that any plants chosen are not toxic and are beneficial to your cat’s health and wellbeing. The Planta app can identify any species by uploading your image or photo to make any cultivar familiar to cat owners.

Felines usually enjoy scent and odors, so once you have chosen your plants, you can get handy growing tips straight from the app. What’s more, the app will send you regular reminders about watering, feeding, and misting. If you are not sure your plants are in the right place in your home or garden, then Planta offers a handy light meter to check the correct position for them. Other cat-friendly plants include mint, lemongrass, chamomile, and valerian, but any pungent herb will suit your feline friend. These can easily be identified by the Planta app. Then, if anything goes wrong, you can consult their efficient diagnostic feature to ensure you can treat and get to the heart of any pests or disease control.


There is no doubt that if you have cats, they will want a safe environment to live in, and this includes your garden and outdoor spaces. You will not want your companion to be munching away on Digitalis (foxgloves) or laburnum seeds which could lead to their death. By doing some internet research and downloading the Planta app, you can be assured that you have made the right cat-friendly choice of plants for your garden. Once you see your pet rolling in the catmint or sniffing the lemongrass, you will know that your feline is a happy and contented cat.

Cat-Proofing Your House

As much as we all love our pets, it should come as no surprise to any cat owner that they can sometimes get a little bit too excited and knock something off a table or shelf. When this happens, we can only watch and wait to see if the items dropping to the floor will break or bounce!

One of the most common causes of wood or tile flooring damage is glass or ceramic, which many lamps and light fittings are made of, or fabrics and materials cats love to scratch.

Luckily, most of us have our main light fittings on the ceiling, far out of reach from our feline friends. Still, sometimes, we just have that perfect lamp that just needs to be placed in a particular place, perilously close to the edge of a table or shelf. If that’s the case, it’s always good practice to be prepared!

Protecting Fragile Furniture from Felines

When trying to protect certain pieces of furniture from your cats, it can be somewhat difficult to plan for if you are asking yourself the wrong question. Suppose a cat is actively destroying pieces of furniture. In that case, there can be different reasons. Still, obvious ones include either boredom or a particular piece of furniture being in the way of a daily goal.

An excellent example of such an instance is when a cat enjoys sitting on a window sill, watching the world pass by, including potential friends, prey, and checking to see when their owner may return. Suppose you have an incredibly fragile vase or lamp. In that case, it’s usually easier to simply move it away from a window sill, as this is a spot that cats are known to frequent, regardless of their owner or home. If you are also aware of any areas that the cat is specifically drawn to, you can try to deliberately keep the piece of furniture away from there.

Another option, specifically in terms of light fittings or lamps, is finding a piece of furniture that can weather a fall or knock; options include items that are mainly made with wood, which is far more durable than ceramic as it does not shatter. Good examples of such pieces can be found on the Royal Design UK website, a producer of light fittings and lamps.

An equally easy but slightly more costly and design-centric option is to place a carpet or rug near a piece of at-risk furniture to help cushion the fall. While this is undoubtedly an option, especially if you already have one spare, this can have a much more significant impact on the design of a room and may not be ideal for some layouts.

Keeping Your Cat’s Food Safe and Fresh

A favorite for many people, a cat is a vital addition to any home. Besides being a companion, it keeps all the nuisance caused by rats at bay. And if you’re living in a place where snakes are rampant, you will not have to worry about snakebites as cats know how to deal with these dangerous legless reptiles. Hence, the least your pet deserves is well preserved and prepared food. Treating your cat to healthy food will definitely make it happy, and you can be sure the pet will do its job in your home for many, many years to come without complaining.

Proper food storage is one way of ensuring that your cat eats fresh and healthy food. That said, you will need to have the right equipment in your home to store your cat’s treats. Need these items but can’t trace where to find them? Simple, Royal Design is a one-stop-shop for anything related to food storage. And you will not have to break the bank as these items are available at pocket-friendly prices.

Jars and Lids

If you really treasure your cat, chances are that you will be tempted to buy bags and bags of dry food. Still, the food can start to undergo degradation immediately after you have opened the bag. As such, you may want to store the food in a way that will prevent it from going bad. That’s why you will need Royal Design’s jars and lids.

Once you have taken your cat’s portion from the bag, you can wrap the remaining food well and store it in these jars. Covering the jar with a lid will prevent any moisture from coming into direct contact with the food, which causes decay. This way, your cat food will serve your pet for many days while remaining fresh. At Royal Design, you can choose high-quality containers with lids from top brands, including Bodum and House Doctor.

Lunch Boxes

Who told you that lunch boxes are exclusively meant for storing food that belongs to human beings? As a matter of fact, they can also make great storage for your cat’s food. Whether it is fresh food or leftovers, Royal Design has good lunch boxes for your cat food. Thus, if you’re going on a picnic with your cat, your companion doesn’t have to spend time out there on an empty stomach. If you serve your cat and there are leftovers, you don’t have to throw them in the bin. Royal Design’s lunch boxes are designed to keep food fresh longer than you can imagine. Just ensure you cover the container adequately. It is even better to store the lunch box under room temperature conditions.

Cats And Mental Health

It is true that dogs get a lot of credit for the many contributions that they make to their owners. However, cats need to be right alongside them when it comes to recognition. These felines bring a great deal into the lives of those who own and love them. They are often more than just a pet for companionship.

Emotional Support

One of the often-overlooked contributions that cats make to humans is offering them emotional support. In some cases, this can be a life changer for the cat owner that relies on their feline friend for this type of support. Some individuals have terrible struggles with their emotions where it can have a very negative effect on their health. For some of these individuals, they have found that their cat is able to soothe their anxiety and allow them to express their feelings. Something that they have been able to find in family and friends. For these individuals, their cat has become one of the most important things in their lives.

For Seniors

Many seniors are cat owners and as such these animals have made the lives of the elderly much more meaningful. There are some seniors whose only motivation to get out of bed each day is because their cat needs them. For many of the elderly, their cats are the only companionship that they have in their lives on a daily basis. They don’t have to wait for the phone to ring or for a knock at the door to enjoy some companionship when they have a cat. This animal is always willing to soak in any attention that their owners are willing to give them.

For The Handicapped

Many handicapped individuals are stuck at home a great deal of time. They run the risk of having to deal with depression because of their circumstances. Yet, having a cat to care for with a return of love can do a great deal in warding off the depression.

The Benefits of Cats for Seniors

Many seniors live a lonely life and are often confined to their residence due to a variety of reasons. For them having a pet such as a cat can provide them with multiple benefits.

Cats vs Dogs

Some may think that a dog would be a better choice for a senior. For some, this may be the case. However, dogs do require more care than a cat, and some seniors may not be able to provide this. For example, when it comes to canines, they need plenty of exercise. Which may mean having to walk them daily. Some seniors are not physically capable of performing this task.

Then another issue when it comes to cats vs dogs for seniors is the space availability. Many seniors live in small quarters that may not be an appropriate environment for the dog. Another problem may be if the senior is renting and the landlord does not allow dogs.


One of the most important benefits that cats can bring to a senior is companionship. For those who are elderly, they may not be able to do a lot of socializing. Having a cat in the home allows them to have something that they can talk to and care for.

Mood Improvement

Being lonely can cause a senior to become sad and depressed. The responsibility of taking care of a cat gives them a purpose in life. This is found to be often the case when a senior has lost a loved one and is on their own with only themselves to care for. Bringing a cat into their lives can give them a new purpose.

Health Benefits

A lot of families are surprised to find that the health of their seniors improve when a cat is brought into their lives. One of the ways it can achieve this is the exercise it provides to the senior. That which is not too strenuous which can come with dog care. The senior has to get up and move about to feed the cat and clean out the litter. Many of the older people enjoy grooming their cat and playing with them. All of these actions create a form of light exercise for the senior and are suitable for the cat.

A Guide to a Proper Diet for a Cat

Just like with humans, the key to a healthy cat is a balanced diet. If you want your cat to be bright eyed and bushy tailed, full of energy with a shiny coat of fur, then you need to make sure you are feeding it the right food. We’ve all heard that old adage “You are what you eat”, well that is equally as true for pets as it is for people. For a cat to have a healthy diet, they need to get the right balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins. While you might visit a kry doctor online if you are not feeling well, it’s YOUR responsibility to ensure the health of your cat. When you buy food for your cat you should always check the label in the same way you would look at the ingredients when buying your own ready-made meals from the supermarket.

The Cat Food Industry

We all know that cats are fussy eaters, and in recent years there are more and more products available on the market. Cat food makers have cottoned on to the idea that health and nutritional science can be applied to the pet food market in much the same way it can be applied to the more traditional food market. This has become a booming business with the amount of money we are spending on premium pet food increasing year on year, as documented in an article by the Washington Post, and with our improved understanding of health and dietary requirements, along with more gourmet pet food products being created, have revolutionized the cat food industry.

What Food Should I Buy For My Cat?

The average domestic cat requires a daily intake of around 200 calories. As is common knowledge, cats are carnivores and therefore will primarily only eat meats, such as fish, chicken, and rabbit. Generally speaking, cats would do most of their hunting at dawn and dusk, so this is the ideal time to feed them to replicate their natural environment as best as possible. Most gourmet packets of cat food have been specifically formulated for the cat’s dietary needs, and nowadays even contain the finer cuts of meat with the proper balance of jelly to provide them with the optimum level of fat needed for a totally healthy cat. It is not recommended to feed cats raw cuts of meat due to the increased and unnecessary exposure to bacteria, so in reality, you are far better off just choosing a good quality tin of cat food that your cat likes the taste of.

Buying Cat Food

With the invention of online shopping, it is now so easy to buy your groceries on the internet. With the convenience of the modern-day smartphone, you can now order things online, anywhere any time. Having the right cat food delivered to your home is a big advantage and means that you don’t even need to hit the shops.

Adorable cats playing

Cats – Their Love Of Stinky Shoes & Other Odd Habits

Cats and dogs make up the largest percentage of pets found in most homes across the world. Cats are sleek, meticulous and playful, making them adored by many. They are also super clean and intelligent at the same time. Regardless of this charming nature, some cats have odd habits, such as smelling stinky shoes. While some people might find this weird, others do not have any problem with it. As a cat owner, you might wonder why your cat loves the smell of shoes or portrays other odd habits, such as chewing plastics.

Cat specialists argue that cats love for smelly shoes should not get you worried, as it does not signify any specific disorders. These adorable creatures sleep on your shoes, or constantly smell them, as a way of marking their territory. The scent glands in their cheeks draw them closer to your shoes since they find the smell intriguing, The strong scent makes it easier for them to mark your smell. Furthermore, it could also be that your cat finds the smell of your shoes relaxing. does your cat have a favourite shoe? Well, if it does, this means that it finds it more soothing than the others!

Cute cat relaxing

Did you know that one of the major ways through which cats recognise people is through their smell? The next time you see your pet sniffing, licking, or rubbing itself with your shoes, just know it is looking for a distinctive smell. Through this, it can then tell from a distance when you are approaching, which explains why your cat comes to meet you few metres from your home.

Cats Obsession With Shoes

Your cat may also be running straight to your shoes once you get home because they love the salty bits found in your sweaty footwear. On the other hand, shoes also usually capture the scents found on the ground they walk over. As a result, cat owners bring home varying scents that cats use to tell where their owners have been, and what they may have encountered along the way. Interesting. Right? These are some of the odd behaviours that have made cats so lovable.

A cat cleaning itself

When it comes to keeping clean, cats are undoubtedly the epitome of cleanliness. Cats clean themselves by licking their body, often using their tongue for moisturising, and their teeth for removing tough debris. Besides licking themselves for personal hygiene, they also do so as a way of cooling their body temperature using saliva.

Cats may be in love with your shoes, but this does not mean that you should keep them smelly. You can use these tips for getting rid of smelly odours. Firstly, you should clean your shoes on a regular basis. If your shoes might be damaged by water, then wipe off the dirt using a damp towel, and let them dry before putting them back on. Further, you can use fabric conditioner or softener to give your shoes a pleasant smell. To get rid of really bad odours, try using a little baking powder overnight, which works by absorbing the odour. Your cat will still love them!