Choosing from the Cat Categories

Choosing from the Cat Categories


Choosing the cat that you are going to bring into your home means that you are going to be exposed to many different types of breeds. It may be that you are getting the cat free from a friend or neighbor and in this case you may not really be aware of what the breed is as it is most likely a mixed breed. However, if you are real cat lover and you want to buy a cat that has a pedigree then you should be aware of some of the different types of least that you will be able to choose from

what is also important to note is that each of the breeds have their own characteristics not only in looks but in the way that they act.

American Short Tail

The American short tail cat is a fairly common breed and is one that is commonly chosen for families that have children as well as other pets that the new addition to the family is going to have to get along with. They do require a certain amount of attention and they are noted for being relatively playful. When it comes to size they are considered to be in the medium range, and as far as being handled they do like to be cuddled but also like their independence. They are the type of cat that prefers to just simply curl up in your lap when they are ready for some attention.


For those that like a cat that has some distinct characteristics about it and are classed as being a cat that is an attention getter then the Bombay breed is one that you will want to take a look at. This is a cat that be can be classed as a family cat rather than devoting itself to one single owner. They like to bond throughout the family with the different family members. They do demand a lot of attention and do like to play but they are not as mischievous as some of the other breeds.

This just gives you two examples of how the characteristics in the different breeds of cats can differ so greatly. If you are going for a specific breed it is wise to really check out what they are all about to make sure that they are going to fit into the setting up your home.