Cats Love Plants

Cats Love Plants

If you have ever seen a cat’s reaction to aromatic plants, then you will know that they actually love the smell and texture of catmint. This genus belongs to the family of Nepeta and if you have ever grown any, rest assured that cats will soon come sniffing around. If you own your own feline, then try purchasing a pot of catmint since their reaction to this plant is often amusing but beneficial. Cats will also enjoy the scent of lavender and various herbs just as much as the smelly socks and shoes that they are often attracted to. If you want help in growing cat-friendly plants, then the Getplanta app is the ideal choice.

Why Consider Planta?

Whether you are an absolute novice or a seasoned horticulturalist, this app features a wealth of handy features to make feline plant cultivation so much easier. Another favorite for cats is cat grass, but you need to ensure that any plants chosen are not toxic and are beneficial to your cat’s health and wellbeing. The Planta app can identify any species by uploading your image or photo to make any cultivar familiar to cat owners.

Felines usually enjoy scent and odors, so once you have chosen your plants, you can get handy growing tips straight from the app. What’s more, the app will send you regular reminders about watering, feeding, and misting. If you are not sure your plants are in the right place in your home or garden, then Planta offers a handy light meter to check the correct position for them. Other cat-friendly plants include mint, lemongrass, chamomile, and valerian, but any pungent herb will suit your feline friend. These can easily be identified by the Planta app. Then, if anything goes wrong, you can consult their efficient diagnostic feature to ensure you can treat and get to the heart of any pests or disease control.


There is no doubt that if you have cats, they will want a safe environment to live in, and this includes your garden and outdoor spaces. You will not want your companion to be munching away on Digitalis (foxgloves) or laburnum seeds which could lead to their death. By doing some internet research and downloading the Planta app, you can be assured that you have made the right cat-friendly choice of plants for your garden. Once you see your pet rolling in the catmint or sniffing the lemongrass, you will know that your feline is a happy and contented cat.