Expensive Cats

Expensive Cats

A lot of people have an idea that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of dog breeds and varieties out there. what a lot of people do not realize is that the same is true for cats. As with dogs, there are some rare varieties of cats and if you want one of these felines to be your pet, you might have to fork out a hefty sum of money. A few of the things that distinguish these varieties of cats, with most of them being physical attributes, include their fur (its color and look), their ears, their eye and their paws. These are there a few of the things that someone liking to buy or adopt a cat ought to be on the lookout for.

Some Of The Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Starting with a relatively inexpensive option considering where we are, the royal blue comes in at about $500 – $3000. The cat has a blue-grey coat usually complemented by yellow or green eyes. The Persian is one of the most recognizable cat breed there is, with its blue eyes and outstanding fur. It goes for about $1800 to $3000 dollars. The Bengal is on this list of some very expensive cats because it goes for a whopping $5000. Its characteristic fur tells you immediately that this is a ferocious breed, as it is a hybrid of a domestic cat and the Asian leopard cat. Going for around $20,000, the Savanna is arguably one of the most expensive cats you can get. This cat breed is a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat and is far more ferocious than most cats you could domesticate.

Taking Care Of These Expensive Cats

Due to the fact that some of the expensive cats are hybrids, their care is much more elaborate and delicate than of most cat. Their fur has to be washed with special shampoos and their diet has to be checked rigorously to ensure they remain both healthy and energetic. Their living conditions are almost always some of the best because if one can afford a cat worth $2,000, you can be sure that they are giving the cat the best living conditions possible. In addition, if you are looking for special cat accessories then try Barnebys. They have a wide collection of accessories for cats, even those that are not too expensive. They also have collectors items for cat owners so that these cat owners can give their friends, pets, and companions the best accessories possible. If you are a cat owner, Barnebeys is the place to be.