Home comforts for your cat

Home comforts for your cat

We all know that cats are very independent creatures, but for anyone who has owned one, they also know that they love a touch of comfort and luxury in their day to day lives. As soon as you get a new throw for your couch or put fresh bedding on the bed, they are there, laying on the clean and comfortable soft furnishings. Try as we might, this will never change.

Cat Beds

We can buy as many cat beds as we like, we can have one in every room of the house, a special place for your fur-baby to sleep, but they will sleep wherever they want, whenever they want. for example you get a brand new black rug from Trend Carpet, you lay it out in front of the fire, and suddenly the cat bed is abandoned for this new and better place to sleep. The lovely new rug is now suddenly the cat’s most favourite place to sleep.

Cat Toys

Just like when you have young children, cats toys can end up all over the place, your new rug will suddenly be not only a place to sleep for your cat but also a new play space. It doesn’t matter what size the rug is, even the smallest rug will attract attention from our feline friends, the rug itself will become the latest new toy.

Training your cat

Many people think that training a cat is impossible, it isn’t. A cat can understand your commands, and often responds accordingly, but only when it suits them. For example, when they want to use your new rug as a scratching mat, you can tell them off, shoo them away or even spray them with a little water to make them run, but they keep doing it or come back and carry on when they think you are not looking. They will even look you defiantly in the eye while doing it!

The good thing about the affordable rugs from Trend Carpet is that if they get dirty they are really easy to clean, and if they get damaged beyond repair due to cat claws, then replacing them will not break the bank. They come in a range of sizes, styles and colours so you will find the perfect one to match your home decor.