Cats – Their Love Of Stinky Shoes & Other Odd Habits

Cats – Their Love Of Stinky Shoes & Other Odd Habits

Adorable cats playing

Cats and dogs make up the largest percentage of pets found in most homes across the world. Cats are sleek, meticulous and playful, making them adored by many. They are also super clean and intelligent at the same time. Regardless of this charming nature, some cats have odd habits, such as smelling stinky shoes. While some people might find this weird, others do not have any problem with it. As a cat owner, you might wonder why your cat loves the smell of shoes or portrays other odd habits, such as chewing plastics.

Cat specialists argue that cats love for smelly shoes should not get you worried, as it does not signify any specific disorders. These adorable creatures sleep on your shoes, or constantly smell them, as a way of marking their territory. The scent glands in their cheeks draw them closer to your shoes since they find the smell intriguing, The strong scent makes it easier for them to mark your smell. Furthermore, it could also be that your cat finds the smell of your shoes relaxing. does your cat have a favourite shoe? Well, if it does, this means that it finds it more soothing than the others!

Cute cat relaxing

Did you know that one of the major ways through which cats recognise people is through their smell? The next time you see your pet sniffing, licking, or rubbing itself with your shoes, just know it is looking for a distinctive smell. Through this, it can then tell from a distance when you are approaching, which explains why your cat comes to meet you few metres from your home.

Cats Obsession With Shoes

Your cat may also be running straight to your shoes once you get home because they love the salty bits found in your sweaty footwear. On the other hand, shoes also usually capture the scents found on the ground they walk over. As a result, cat owners bring home varying scents that cats use to tell where their owners have been, and what they may have encountered along the way. Interesting. Right? These are some of the odd behaviours that have made cats so lovable.

A cat cleaning itself

When it comes to keeping clean, cats are undoubtedly the epitome of cleanliness. Cats clean themselves by licking their body, often using their tongue for moisturising, and their teeth for removing tough debris. Besides licking themselves for personal hygiene, they also do so as a way of cooling their body temperature using saliva.

Cats may be in love with your shoes, but this does not mean that you should keep them smelly. You can use these tips for getting rid of smelly odours. Firstly, you should clean your shoes on a regular basis. If your shoes might be damaged by water, then wipe off the dirt using a damp towel, and let them dry before putting them back on. Further, you can use fabric conditioner or softener to give your shoes a pleasant smell. To get rid of really bad odours, try using a little baking powder overnight, which works by absorbing the odour. Your cat will still love them!