4 Signs that your cat loves you

4 Signs that your cat loves you

Some say that dogs are mans best friend, we believe that they’re wrong. Sure, a dog shows their love and affection in a great way that’s easy to notice. We love all kinds of animals but we’re a little extra fond of our furry little friends, also known as the cats. There’s a reason that cats were painted on the walls in the ancient Egypt. Since cats hopefully know very well that we love them, we’d like to present to you the 4 sings that your cat loves you.

Numer one:
The very known expression “Oh, look what the cat dragged in…” and that it’s supposed to be something very negative. But it’s actually quite the contrary. When a cat brings in something that they most likely killed and takes it inside to show you, they are actually giving it to you as a gift. Some scientist say that the cat brings in dead animals because cats thinks that “Humans can’t possibly catch something as fast as this” .

Number two:
If your cat rolls on their back and exposes their belly to you it’s a sign that they really trust you. When a cat feels like they can trust a human it’s a feeling they get when they really feel loved and safe around the human. Cats are normally really quick on their feet and well aware of their surroundings. In the wild cats would never flash their belly since they’re quite fragile in that specific area. So the next time your cat rolls over and presents you their belly, show them appreciation.

Number three:
If your cat bops their head on to you it’s not like a head butt from a human. When a cat either bops or rubs their body against you it’s because they feel very protective of you. Cats do this because they want their scent to attach to you so that other animals won’t approach to you, “This human belongs to me” is what the scent is supposed to say.

Number four:
One of the more painful ways that your cat shows their affection to you is when they’re kneading on you. For those who might now know what kneading means it’s when they seem to put their claws deep inside of you. This behaviour comes from the time that they were small kittens and were being nursed by their mothers. Even though it might hurt a little bit, please be aware of that the cat doesn’t want to harm you, it’s a sign of affection.

These ways for the cat to show affection is not really how we humans do it. We might bring flowers, make something romantic like flying away on a nice vacation. If you’re planning on going on a vacation, avionero.com will not only find you the cheapest flight to your destination, but also the best suited flight.