Cats And Mental Health

Cats And Mental Health

It is true that dogs get a lot of credit for the many contributions that they make to their owners. However, cats need to be right alongside them when it comes to recognition. These felines bring a great deal into the lives of those who own and love them. They are often more than just a pet for companionship.

Emotional Support

One of the often-overlooked contributions that cats make to humans is offering them emotional support. In some cases, this can be a life changer for the cat owner that relies on their feline friend for this type of support. Some individuals have terrible struggles with their emotions where it can have a very negative effect on their health. For some of these individuals, they have found that their cat is able to soothe their anxiety and allow them to express their feelings. Something that they have been able to find in family and friends. For these individuals, their cat has become one of the most important things in their lives.

For Seniors

Many seniors are cat owners and as such these animals have made the lives of the elderly much more meaningful. There are some seniors whose only motivation to get out of bed each day is because their cat needs them. For many of the elderly, their cats are the only companionship that they have in their lives on a daily basis. They don’t have to wait for the phone to ring or for a knock at the door to enjoy some companionship when they have a cat. This animal is always willing to soak in any attention that their owners are willing to give them.

For The Handicapped

Many handicapped individuals are stuck at home a great deal of time. They run the risk of having to deal with depression because of their circumstances. Yet, having a cat to care for with a return of love can do a great deal in warding off the depression.