The Benefits of Cats for Seniors

The Benefits of Cats for Seniors

Many seniors live a lonely life and are often confined to their residence due to a variety of reasons. For them having a pet such as a cat can provide them with multiple benefits.

Cats vs Dogs

Some may think that a dog would be a better choice for a senior. For some, this may be the case. However, dogs do require more care than a cat, and some seniors may not be able to provide this. For example, when it comes to canines, they need plenty of exercise. Which may mean having to walk them daily. Some seniors are not physically capable of performing this task.

Then another issue when it comes to cats vs dogs for seniors is the space availability. Many seniors live in small quarters that may not be an appropriate environment for the dog. Another problem may be if the senior is renting and the landlord does not allow dogs.


One of the most important benefits that cats can bring to a senior is companionship. For those who are elderly, they may not be able to do a lot of socializing. Having a cat in the home allows them to have something that they can talk to and care for.

Mood Improvement

Being lonely can cause a senior to become sad and depressed. The responsibility of taking care of a cat gives them a purpose in life. This is found to be often the case when a senior has lost a loved one and is on their own with only themselves to care for. Bringing a cat into their lives can give them a new purpose.

Health Benefits

A lot of families are surprised to find that the health of their seniors improve when a cat is brought into their lives. One of the ways it can achieve this is the exercise it provides to the senior. That which is not too strenuous which can come with dog care. The senior has to get up and move about to feed the cat and clean out the litter. Many of the older people enjoy grooming their cat and playing with them. All of these actions create a form of light exercise for the senior and are suitable for the cat.