Year: 2022

Cat Cafes And Augmentation

If restaurant owners want to make their business more distinctive, they could transform it into a cat café. These establishments give customers an allocated time slot which usually lasts an hour. During that time they get to interact with cats that live in the café. They may also sit down and order food and drink.

Cat themed soft furnishings

All lovers of cats have a little tribute to them somewhere within their homes. It cannot be helped. They are often drawn to a little cushion with a cute picture of a kitten on it, and how many of us have been bought cat themed gifts as presents? A mug, an ornament, very soon your

Home comforts for your cat

We all know that cats are very independent creatures, but for anyone who has owned one, they also know that they love a touch of comfort and luxury in their day to day lives. As soon as you get a new throw for your couch or put fresh bedding on the bed, they are there,