One Cat or Two?

One Cat or Two?


If you it is decided on buying a cat there is no doubt that you have made a great decision in regards to having a pet. What you may also be considering is whether you should get one cat or two. Many individuals that have become cat owners feel that having a second cat provides companionship for the other.

While this may be true it is important that the cats are compatible with each other. Often what can happen is that a owner of an adult cat decides to bring a kitten into the home, and even though they are of both feline families that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be compatible with each other.

Adult cats can become territorial very quickly and don’t take kindly to other cats or kittens infringing on their territory. If you decide that you are getting a cat and most likely a kitten, then if you are thinking of a second one you may want to get it at the same time so that they can grow up and get to know each other. Make sure that you introduce each other slowly and with caution.

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