Cat or Kitten?

Cat or Kitten?


Once you have decided to bring a feline into your home your next decision is going to be whether it should be a cat or kitten. While the tendency is usually to go for a kitten because these little balls of fur are so hard to to resist, there are many advantages to buying a full grown cat.

Something that has to be remembered when buying a kitten is that there is a a lot of extra work the comes with them and they can be quite mischievous through their growing stages. Where as with a cat that has already matured even though they are still sociable and love to play they don’t tend to get into quite as much trouble as what the kittens to.

Kittens need a lot more supervision and for the family that has a busy lifestyle and is gone throughout the day it can be difficult to meet the needs that they have. A full grown kitten cat will quite often fit into the home quickly with a minimal amount of supervision needed. Either way you will enjoy your choice as felines make great pets.

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