Basic Cat Care?

Basic Cat Care?


Most cat owners especially those that have been dog owners as well will tell you that owning a cat requires a lot less care compared to the canines. However there is still a certain amount of responsibility that comes with cat ownership even though these little feline friends are known to be relatively independent.

One of the most important aspect when it comes to basic cat care is ensuring that the health of the cat is maintained at all times through the different stages of their life. This requires them to see the veterinarian as needed for regular checkups and to ensure that they are d-wormed properly and receive all of the necessary vaccinations.

At-home care is of course proper feeding and making sure that they have water at all times and in addition to this most cats require some form of grooming. This will depend on whether they are long-haired or short haired but they need to be brushed and inspected to ensure that they do not have fleas or tics. Cats tend to end up with matted hair easily and this is why grooming is so important. They also require socialization which means playing with the cat.

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